Join Anthem on Slack

Anthem Church uses Slack for all internal communication. It’s a great place to connect with each other, share prayer requests, and it’s where all our Community Groups and Serve Team communicate. If you are a part of Anthem Church, join the conversation!


What's This All About?

After trying many different tools to not only keep our church in the loop, but provide a great member to member communication experience, we came across Slack. Slack gives everyone in our church to get to know others, team leads to effectively communicate with their team, and Community Groups to sharing freely.

I’m New, What Do I Do?

Download the Slack app, if you don't already have it.

  • When you receive your invitation via email, sign into the app! You can choose your own adventure by muting or leaving channels (click on the channel name, and then the gear icon). Click on Channels to see a full list of what’s out there.

  • Head over to #new-to-slack and let everyone know who you are, and check out some great resources to get started.

  • Then, check out all of the channel options, and join whichever ones you'd like.

  • When you’re on Slack, your team lead or Community Group leader will add you to their channels. Note: All Community Group channels are private and limited to current members to foster an invitation of safety and vulnerability.

Why not use social media, like a Facebook group?

We did that for a while, but found it left too many people out due to not everyone having a social account.

Can I use Slack on my Computer?

Yes! Slack has mobile and desktop apps. You can also access our Slack by heading to this address in your web browser:

How can I get an invite?

Click the button, send us your email and you’ll receive the invite link shortly thereafter.