3 Days of Prayer & Fasting

We are calling a church-wide fast to contend for the souls of those who don’t know Jesus in Ventura. We believe in the power of prayer and believe that if anything of significance is going to happen in our city it is going to be birthed in prayer. So let’s pray and fast and behalf of those who don’t know Jesus this Easter season.

3 Friends

Also, we are challenging each person in our church to invite 3 friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, who are far from God and disconnected to the church to hear the good news about Jesus Christ this easter.

Our fasting and inviting will go hand in hand. As you plan you fast, plan who you’re inviting. As your consider how you’ll fast, consider how you’ll invite. As you fast, invite.



Fasting is a willing abstinence from food for a period of time.


Fasting is an ancient discipline to break the power of the flesh–our desires, sins, and cravings–and to feed on the Holy Spirit;  and fasting is a means by which the disciple of Jesus prays with their entire body.


The fast you choose should present a level of challenge, but it’s important to know your body, your options, and most importantly, to seek God in prayer and follow what the Holy Spirit leads you to do. Fasting requires reasonable precautions. Take into consider your health, any current medical conditions, and consult your physician, especially if you have health concerns, are taking medication, have a chronic condition, or are pregnant or nursing.

Here are a few types of fasts:

  • Complete Fast → Drink only water for 3 days

  • Juice/Soup Fast → Abstain from any solid foods

  • Partial Fast → Abstain from eating any type of food sunup to sundown

If you have health concerns, or would like to add an additional layer to you food fast, consider a soul fast:

  • Soul Fast → Abstain from all media (Social media, tv, music, books, podcasts, etc.)


Here are a few practical tips to prepare:

  • Think about your plan, write it down, and share it with your community group. Begin your fast with a committed heart.

  • Eliminate caffeine from your diet a few days before you begin. This helps reduce the likelihood of headaches.

  • Enter into the fast by ramping in, eater smaller meals or even skipping a few meals before the fast. Similarly, at the end of the fast, ramp off, i.e. don’t eat a huge feast the day after the fast, but slowly introduce greater amounts of food back in.

  • Consult with your physician if you have medical concerns or questions.

When DO I START? When is it over?

Our 3 days of fasting will start on Maundy Thursday, Apr 18 and end on Holy Saturday, Apr 20.


Each time you feel a hunger pain or think about food or take a lunch break (with no lunch!), use it as a prompt for prayer.

Turn your heart to God and ask him to starve your flesh and feed your Spirit. Use your imagination to “see” yourself drawing strength from God himself.

Here are a few other things that can be incorporated into those prayer times:

Pray for someone far from God → We are fasting specifically for those in our lives who are far from God and disconnected from church. We are contending for their souls and asking the Lord that this Easter would be a time of bringing more people into the Kingdom of God.

Invite someone to Easter → During those time you might normally be eating, consider who you are inviting to Easter this year? Maker a plan, and make the invite!