The Gospel of Matthew: A Refresher

This Sunday we dive back into the gospel of Matthew.

Matthew is a powerful biography of Jesus Christ and has been an immensely rich book for us as a church family. 

As a church that centers our identity and life on the finished work of Jesus Christ, we want to make sure that we are teaching all that Jesus said and did as a regular part of our life together. That has led us to dive into the book of Matthew. Walking through Matthew together will force us to wrestle with our lives today and whether they align with Jesus’ teaching about the Kingdom of God.

Our goal is to understand the message and ministry of Jesus and to theologically and practically shape our lives around Jesus Christ.

You are invited to join us in this journey through the life and ministry of Jesus through the lens of the book of Matthew.

As with any series, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Pray, study, listen, learn and put into practice all that God wants to teach us about Jesus and his Kingdom!

We have made available some resources available from the ESV Study Bible and The Bible Project that has proven quite helpful. 

To prepare to jump back in this Sunday, I'd encourage you to head over to our Matthew Resource page, watch some videos, read some background, and even take some time this week to read through Matthew 1-24 as we prepare to study Matthew 25 this weekend. 

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