On Sunday, February 17, Anthem Ventura Will Not Be Meeting In our Normal Building.

But Anthem Church Will Still Be Gathering.


The Church is Not a Building

Anthem Anywhere is a Sunday where the body of Christ at Anthem is meeting "house to house."

– ACTS 2:46

We are excited to take a Sunday and specifically remind ourselves that "the church" is not a building, not an event, but a gathered group of believers in Jesus Christ. 

People will be gathering in homes, parks, coffee shops, breweries, and a variety of other venues around Ventura County and beyond, to worship Jesus, study the Scriptures, take communion, and pray together. 

If there are people in your family, community, or neighborhood that have particular spiritual gifts (teaching, hospitality, leadership, etc.), we are excited to see those put to use. If there are people with you who have particular talents (worship leading, cooking, baking, barbecuing, etc.), we are excited to see those put to use as well. 


There Are Four Main Ways That You Can Participate:

#1 Lead a group

Are you a leader? Do you lead a community? Maybe, you regularly gather people in your home for barbecues or to watch the Bachelorette... Dads and moms, would you like to lead worship for your family and/or a few friends? Want to be a place for others to gather? If so, we'd love for you to be a point person and host others!

We recognize that there are many people (whether they’re regular attenders or first time visitors) who are not yet in community, and we’d like to do everything we can to include everyone in Anthem Anywhere.

To do this, we’re asking that each leader “register” their group online so that unconnected people can find a group that works for them. Email Bert to share the details of your group so we can get the word out!

We will have people contact you directly if they are interested in being a part of what you’re doing for Anthem Anywhere. 

#2 Join a group

If you’re not going to host one, join one! Go be with friends, family, brothers & sisters from Anthem to worship Jesus together. The week before Anthem Anywhere, we’ll post the lists of groups available to join!

#3 Help a group

There are tons of roles to play in an Anthem Anywhere group! Start by joining a group, then ask the group leader how you can help!

#4 Invite a friend & Share the moment

Invite someone, who might not normally walk through the doors of a church, to experience this house church moment.

So that we can all celebrate what is happening across all of our different locations of Anthem Anywhere, please encourage your people to include the hashtag @anthemventura on any social media posts.