As the church, we eagerly await the second coming of our King Jesus. He has come to Earth, as the Old Testaments prophets foretold, and he is coming again.

The Christmas season is such an amazing time for family, fun, togetherness, charity, and giving to one another. But most importantly, the Christmas season is a time to remember our salvation through Jesus Christ and rejoice in the hope of the gospel. 

During this Christmas season, we celebrate the first advent of Jesus and we anxiously await the second advent with excitement and anticipation.

What is Advent?

The word “Advent” is a Latin word that means “coming” or “arrival”. Officially, the Advent seasons starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and continue until Christmas Day.

The purpose of Advent is to remember and anticipate. We remember that God sent his son to step into our world and initiate his rescue plan for all humanity and creation, and anticipate Jesus's second return. 

Arriving as a small baby, Jesus brought down the kingdoms of Earth and forever changed the course of human history. Advent is all about celebrating Jesus. 

Advent Guide

This year, we are waling through Advent together as a church with a combination of Sunday readings and prayers, and daily devotionals. You can pickup an Advent notebook at a Sunday Gathering, or use the Advent guide in our mobile app.